How to Help

The Guitars not Guns Music Program needs your help. We rely on the generosity of our volunteers and donors to serve the foster children and at-risk youth throughout our communities in Arizona. There are a few ways that you can help advance our mission:

1. Make a Financial Donation

You can help the Arizona chapter of Guitars not Guns expand its music programs to reach even more kids in need. Any financial contribution in very much needed and greatly appreciated! For a donation of $75, we’ll dedicate a beginner guitar in your name. Consider the following…


  • Our programs is about helping Arizona’s foster children and at-risk youth
  • Guitars not Guns has no paid employees–we are all volunteers. Virtually every dollar in donations received goes toward running the program, not paying salaries.
  • The average cost for holding an eight-week class for 10 students is about $1,000. That includes the following
    • Beginner guitars
    • Student manuals
    • Teacher manuals
    • Tuners, picks, spare strings, etc.
    • A graduation party including food and drinks for the kids

If you’d like to make a financial donation, please access our online donation form.

2. Donate a Used Instrument

If you have a guitar that you’re not using, you can help by donating it to Guitars not Guns to be used in one of our classrooms. You can donate instruments that are NOT guitars, too! We will sell or auction off instruments to raise additional funds to support the classrooms. So, have an old clarinet, saxophone, or drum set you not longer use? Feel free to donate it to Guitars not Guns and you can help us raise money to purchase brand new beginner guitars for our students.

If you have a guitar or any instrument you’d like to donate, kindly complete the form below and we’ll be in touch we you as quickly as we can.

3. Volunteer Your Time

If the Arizona Guitars not Guns Music Program sounds like something you want to be a part of, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you. We have many needs and there is sure to be something for you. You can teach guitar classes, coordinate classrooms, help fundraising or marketing efforts, write grants, be a public speaker, repair guitars, and on and on.

Feel free to visit our directory of available volunteer positions to find one that is of interest to you. If you don’t find anything specific, please contact us to let us know how else you’d like to help!

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